HOW TO: use Bilt-Hamber’s Auto-Clay.

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HOW TO: use Bilt-Hamber’s Auto-Clay.

Auto-Clay is used to pull contamination from the surface of your vehicle.

Make sure the vehicle panel you would like to treat is out of direct sunlight. It’s best if the work area is relatively cool, but not cold. Before using auto-clay, thoroughly wash your car to remove any loose dirt. 

Divide the clay bar into four pieces. Work with one piece at a time.

Wet the surface of the vehicle. It may help to use a plant mister or other means of spraying the surface, as you must keep the car surface wet during treatment to lubricate the car, as Auto-Clay needs to glide across the paint.

Mould clay into a ball and flatten into a small disc. Working on small areas, rub the clay back and forth against the surface of the vehicle with light pressure. Keep the surface thoroughly wetted, Auto-Clay must not be used dry.

Listen carefully – at first you will hear a sound as the bar pulls the particles away from the paint and also feel a slight resistance. The noise and friction will disappear quickly.

After a few passes with auto-clay, rub your fingers over the area to feel if the surface contamination was removed. The surface will feel glass-smooth if clear from contamination.

As you work, you should see a reddish brown residue accumulate on the bar, this is the contamination. As the clay bar becomes soiled, simply fold it over squash it out and keep going.

Do not use the clay if dropped on the ground, inside or out! The clay bar is good for about four or five cleans of the average sized car.

Keep rubbing until all contamination has been removed. Finally, wipe the clay residue off with a soft terrycloth towel.

Once the paint is clean, wax your car immediately.

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