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HOW TO: Use Surfex-HD

Always spot test before use.

Surfex-HD can be used diluted from 1 part in 100 for light cleaning and up to 100% concentration for maximum grease and oil removal.

Light degreasing

For use as a pressure washer shampoo, ensure that your lance is discharging at a concentration of 4% onto the surface (click here to find out how you can test your pressure washer and calculate the correct concentration

For even lighter cleaning, such as interior upholstery, dilute Surfex-HD at 1-2% in water.

For heavier soil, for example, around the wheel arches or tyres, 5-10% dilution will be suitable.

Heavy degreasing

Saturate cool, greasy surfaces and leave one to five minutes.

Agitate heavy soil with stiff bristled brush.

Rinse surface with clean cold water.

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