Which wax or polish should I use?

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Which wax or polish should I use?


This wax will inhibit corrosion on older paintwork, as well as other metal and chrome surfaces. Auto-Balm creates a barrier on damage sites such as stone chips. On poor condition paintwork, Cleanser-Polish should be used first, as Auto-Balm does not contain abrasives.


Our fastest detailer, can be used on its own, or before application of Auto-Balm. Protects finish from hologram scratching, inhibits UV degradation and oxidisation, and will preserve previously applied last stage products. Safe to use on all automotive paint finishes, leaves no chalky residue, does not stain or mark plastic trim, rubber or composites. Can be used as lubricant when treating paint surface with Auto-Clay, so that a follow-up treatment is not necessary.


Excellent all-in-one product.

Ideal for cleaning and adding shine to blemished paint. It both cleans your car and provides a deep rich shine which protects from the elements with our resin-based formula. Great for filling swirls and hologram-like scratches. Where there is stone-chip damage it can be used in conjunction with Auto-Balm for maximum protection to your paintwork.

Double Speed-Wax

Ideal for good condition paintwork. Creates a hard film on the surface of the paint, which is both water repellent and detergent resistant, remaining in place for several washes.


Ideal for highly finished paintwork in good condition. Creates a wet-look shine through easy application and creates a long lasting and durable hard-film to add protection. It can also help prevent osmotic blistering of highly finished surfaces. Finis-Wax is ideal for use on dark coloured cars.


Ideal for highly finished surfaces as a last stage treatment. Creates a water repellent, detergent resistant shine and can be applied as frequently or infrequently as desired.


For high quality paintwork, this wax can be used in conjunction with Finis-Wax or Hydra-Wax, but can be used as a stand-alone product on lightly aged paintwork to rejuvenate and seal in a deep gloss. It can be used frequently and contains a mild abrasive to help remove traces of old products, but will not damage the surface.

Please Note – Paint surfaces improved with Micro-Fine or Cleanser-Polish can be further sealed with Finis-Wax, Double Speed-Wax or Hydra-Wax. All our LSPs can be maintained with Auto-QD, which is a pump-spray applied, wipe-off quick detailer spray designed for rapid top-up to LSPs. The beading properties of double speed-wax, finis-wax and hydra-wax will be temporarily reduced after application of Auto-QD.

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