Is Auto-Clay suitable if I want to polish dulled paintwork?

Auto-Clay is used to lift brake dust debris and other contamination from paintwork but is not a cutting compound or a product which leaves behind a coating. Cleanser-Polish or Auto-Balm may be suitable to improve the look of dulled paintwork.

Can the Auto-Clay bar be reused?

The Auto-Clay bar can be used several times. As per instructions, fold the soiled area into the piece of clay that you are working with and continue. Once it looks really grubby, even after kneading and folding, discard.

How do I treat my car after using Auto-Clay?

Auto-clay pulls tiny particles of contamination from the surface of the paint. The best thing to do is to seal these imperfections with a wax or polish, such as Double Speed-Wax or Cleanser-Polish.

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