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We produce award winning heavy duty water-based cleaners for automotive and industrial applications as well as emollient hand cleaners and moisturising alcohol hand gels. Remove dirt and grime effortlessly and pleasantly, using our biodegradable formulations that meet all EC regulations.

  • Xylene is a very powerful paint thinning solvent.


    Xylene is a very powerful paint thinning solvent.

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Cleaning & Degreasing products

Our wide range of cleaning and degreasing products include pre-wash cleansers, snow foam, car shampoos, fallout removers, all-purpose cleaners and hand cleaners, plus air conditioner sanitisers and paint degreasers.

Our multiple award-winning product Auto-Wheel has won ‘Best Wheel Cleaner’ multiple times, most recently in 2020. It provides an effortless way to clean the most intricate of alloy and painted wheels. Our highly concentrated vehicle shampoo auto-wash was awarded ‘Best Car Shampoo’ 4 years running, most recently in 2015, an economical product that when used it is diluted 1 part shampoo to 2000 parts water.

Surfex-HD all-purpose cleaner can be used by brush or spray application and when tested for its ability as a pressure washer shampoo it quite clearly beat the competition, despite them being dedicated pressure washer detergents.

Our final award in this section was for our hand cleaner, Heavy Duty CITRUS winning ‘Best Hand Cleaner’ from Practical Classics magazine in 2014, and the Auto Express Magazine’s ‘Best Buy’ award in 2015.

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