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Which Wax or Polish Should You Get?


One of the most common questions we get asked is what is the difference between your waxes and polishes and how do I know what one I need?

Well the answer isn’t 100% straight forward, the best wax or polish for your car depends on the age and condition of your paintwork, The colour of your paint and the finish you desire.

We offer a wide range of waxes for your vehicle’s paintwork. These include carnauba, paste and liquid waxes.

If your paintwork is lack-lustre and rather cob-webby, or has nicks and paint chips (exposing bare metal) and you would like an immediate lift in appearance and a boost in protection, then treatment with Auto-Balm will provide an instant and dramatic improvement – ideal for classic cars.

Paint that has little or no stone chip damage but still requires improvement in appearance should be physically smoothed by the use of a polish. This term is correctly applied to abrasive containing materials such as our Micro-Fine or Cleanser-Polish. Cleanser-Polish is a resin based emulsion polish with a higher ‘cut’ than the more durable Micro-Fine. Both are easy-to-use.

Cleanser-Polish will dramatically improve lightly oxidised paintwork, help to remove small scratches and will also provide a temporary last stage protective film – it’s an all-in-one (AIO) product that is very easy-to-use, effective and economical. If the paint is in a better condition but needs a more gentle lift then Micro-Fine is ideal to impart a gentle mechanical cleansing action.

Micro-Fine is also an all-in-one product with microscopic and soft additives that are present at just the right level to gently refine the paint surface, then the film imparted by it buffs to a very detergent-proof and deep shine.

Where paintwork is in outstanding condition, it has long been accepted that the gloss imparted by carnauba waxes is second to none, aesthetically conferring a deep liquid-like warm finish.

We offer three carnauba based waxes; Double Speed-Wax – great for light coloured cars, Finis-Wax – deeper gloss on light colours and a harder film, and finally for a very rapid job use liquid wax, Hydra-Wax. These abrasive-free products can be used to finish paintwork to the highest standard.  We do advocate that any older dulled polish film or last stage products are removed prior to the wax application. Cleanser-Fluid was designed for this and primes the paintwork perfectly, even removing any last traces of hydrocarbon road film.

Double Speed-Wax earned the Best Wax 2015 Award from Auto Express magazine earlier this year, competing against 23 other highly rated waxes.

Paint surfaces improved with Micro-Fine or Cleanser-Polish can be further sealed with Double Speed-Wax, Finis-Wax or Hydra-Wax. All of our LSPs can be maintained with Auto-QD, a pump-spray applied quick detailing spray used for the rapid top-up of LSPs.

Please note that the beading properties of Double Speed-Wax, Hydra-Wax and Finis-Wax will be temporarily reduced after application of Auto-QD.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to be hearing from you soon.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Max Johnson

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