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Air-Con Bomb Citrus provides a fast and effective way to sanitise and deodorise your vehicle’s interior. Being spring/summer now, it is the ideal time for you to clean out your cars air conditioning system.

Air-conditioning systems draw external air into the air cooling system, yet despite the existence of filters, spores, organic and inorganic matter, it finds it’s way into the ducts, tubes and ventilators – that combine to supply treated air to the passenger compartments.

Due to the rapid cooling that occurs when the air-conditioning is employed condensation forms on the interior surfaces of the air distribution system providing an environment that will support the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds. These can contribute to unpleasant odours within the vehicle along with, as one example, spores liberated from the growing organisms, which can contribute to asthma and other respiratory conditions and also flu-like symtoms. For these reasons it is essentual that you clean your air conditioning system atleast every year, preferably every 6 months.

This simple to use, one shot aerosol requires no additional equipment. The dispensed bactericide is combined with molecules that effectively disable odour causing substances. The inside of your air-conditioning system and also your vehicles interior is left sanitised and protected against further contamination, plus a fresh citrus like aroma is imparted.

Recommended – Treat the vehicle on a 6-12 month basis.

If you have any questions about Air-Con Bomb Citrus or any of our other products, please contact us via email or telephone and one of our technical advisors will help you out.

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